The Best Way To Find The Best Car Park Spot Is To Pre Plan Your Car Park Journey

Next time you decide to try and park your vehicle, it might be worth planning your entry into the car park to ensure you find a vacant parking space before your fellow road users. Here’s a few tips to help you park effortlessly:

Tip #1: Plan Your Car Park Route

Plan your entry route. If there’s a quiet entrance and a main entrance – joining a car park with fewer drivers around will eliminate competition by 2 drivers for 1 car park space.

Tip #2: Avoid Busy Periods

Avoid busy periods – if you enter a car park at a busy period of time (boxing day, Saturday, peak sale times etc) it will be harder to find a car park space. Selecting when to use a car park is a critical part of journey management.

Tip #3: Scout Out The Car Park

Wait – temporarily waiting in a car park in a stationary mode will allow the driver to scout out when drivers are returning to their car to leave. This will enable the driver to drive near to the returning driver and pull immediately into their space once they pull out of their car park space

Tip #4: Be Warey Of Parking Restrictions

Before parking in a car park, drivers should check that they have permission to park – parking control restrictions may apply.